Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lucky isn't on the Roof

Tonight I put Lucky's dinner down and he didn't come. Maybe you have to be a pet owner to know how ominous that is. When I went to look for him he was lying on the floor unable to get up, or even sit up. I got a piece of cheese to test just how profoundly out of it he was and he looked helplessly at me but couldn't move. He had a few vaccinations an hour before and Mary Ellen's dog just died after being vaccinated so I was doubly worried. It was five minutes after the vet had closed. There are emergency veterinarians here but you have to bring an interpreter and you need to take a train which requires a dog carry bag. I had neither and my dog was limp and breathing funny. When you don't speak the language it takes hours or even days to do what should take minutes, like ask directions, or make an appointment to have your car inspected. I can say my stomach, head, throat, ear or eye hurts in Japanese but I can't say my dog just got vaccinated and passed out and he's breathing funny. So I rushed to the base vet who is Japanese, he was closed but still there, he saw Lucky and said he would stay a few extra hours and put Lucky in a cage and do vitals and if he was strong enough give him some kind of adrenaline. Come back in two hours. So for two hours I wondered should I tell Mike in and e mail that his dog had died or just work up to it as in "Lucky is on the roof". When I went back to get Lucky he was in the Vet's office on a blanket with a bowl of water next to him. The vet said he came to and started barking so he took him for a walk. Dr Shinjo opened his car door to put something inside, Lucky jumped in and when he tried to get him out he bit him. He scraped the skin but didn't break it.
The picture is of my coworker Maiko-san. When I went to work this morning I told her I liked her shirt. She said "What does it say?" I told her and she said what does that mean? I made a face to illustrate attitude and I think she got it


Jan said...

I'm glad to hear that Lucky is okay. I had forgotten to tell you that quite some time ago, I had told my secretary of your involvement with NEPR. She has since adopted two dogs.
As Con mentioned,we attended the reunion. Actually,everyone looked quite good. However,we did get in trouble (no surprise). Some lady was doing her "thank you to ALL" speech which went on and on. Well, someone from our class had their yearbook and we were all passing it around--I guess our whispering got a bit loud and all of a sudden the speaker just stops and says,"Ladies". Needless to say,all eyes were on the class of '72. We even got a little "tisk,tisk" from Sr.Sylvia at the next table. At least they didn't make us wash down the tables with handiwipes for punishment!!

Kathleen said...

Who was there from our class. Did anyone take pictures? Thanks for telling me about your secretary. I look forward to adopting another poodle when we get back to the states. Lucky doesn't know yet.

Allegra Marra said...

pheww i got scared reading this about lucky!!!!
i think adopting another pooodle would be coool. hopefully lucky agrees.