Saturday, May 19, 2007


Every American living in Japan will report about the toilets at some point and finish that sentence with "I want one when I get back to the States". Madonna said that in an article recently.
Toto, the manufacturer, just recalled a model because it was catching fire. Toilet seats are heated, you set the temperature.The toilets here all have two kinds of built in bidets too. As the water refills the tank after you flush it comes out of a faucet into a sink so you don't waste that clean water but use it to wash your hands. Toilets are never in the same rooms as bathtubs. Half our house is bathroom. There are Japanese toilets that are porcelain holes in the ground. I hate them.
The shower and tub are in a sealed, waterproof room, there is no shower stall and the shower is never in the tub. You don't wash in the tub ever, no soap is allowed in it because of sensitive heaters enclosed in it. You wash vigorously first and then get into the deep tub to relax, Japanese families fill the tub once a night and the whole family takes turns.

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