Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Mike's office will be his home as well for the next four months. He left today at 10:00. I will next see him in Brisbane in early July.
Mary Ellen Kiely, her two daughters,Trisha and Lauren and Katie McCarten are selflessly rushing to Japan to keep me occupied during this difficult time. OK, so he's been gone for an hour and I have rearranged the apartment (they call them 'Mansions' here) and am making reservations on the Shinkansen to Kyoto.
Lucky is morose. If he wasn't so attatched to Mike's "Fraser's father's chair", I would be nudging it off the balcony on group resource recovery (big trash) day .

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Katharine said...

yay! i just finished packing, my dad and i are headed to boston at first light and then, some 18 or so hours later (just a hop skip and a jump really), i will be seeing you...=) see you soon!
ps- japan hair is awesome, i may have to give that a try if we have some time, haha. bye!