Sunday, May 6, 2007

They Blinded me with Science

We have made the Giant Leap into the 21st. century. (I have been busy pounding clothes on rocks for the last 7 years I guess). Upon plunging our first two i Pods into our ears, Mike said, "We've just had our last meaningful conversation". Purchasing an iMac is what brought us out of the dark ages. I could be taking these photos with an instamatic using flash cubes and once I tweak them with iMac's photo suite they look like this. Our Nikon camera came with a photo editor that is laughable compared to the mac program. You will never again get a photo from us where we have wrinkles.
Mike threatened to wear a fanny pack with that outfit, what you can't see is the size of the purse I am carrying.
The picture of the woman with the umbrella was taken on our engagement trip to Italy. It was a magical moment in the rain but without photo suite it wasn't very visible.


Charlie Drago said...

So ... Photo Suite allows you to do with photos what the Iraq Group, the Neocons, and the corporate media did/does with the truth.

Hmmm ... If you're walking by a bakery and you think of it, could you take a few Pixie Snaps of some yellowcake?

ANY cake will do ... thanks to Photo Suite.

Just funnin', people.

Jan said...

Don't think I haven't been reading.Everyday I look forward to your entries A couple of comments: the food-when you get home,I'm taking you to Champlain's for fish (cooked) and chips (also cooked),The Mews for a burger and, of course, Dunkin' Donuts-it will be a full day. I am also going to have you take a picture of me--no wrinkles,dbl.chin or lines around the eyes. I'll use it for my obit-you know,like those people who die at 96 and they use their grammer school pic!

Jan said...

Charlie-no comments, I know I left out a period. I just got my first laptop-I haven't quite mastered the multitasking--sitting,watching the Sox and surfing the net at the same time. I just need to pay attention to at least one of the things I'm doing, and get used to this keyboard! Should of taken typing at Bay View.

Kathleen said...

I TRIED taking typing (or as they say now "keyboarding skills") at Bay View but the teacher had a heart attack after a few weeks. Do you remember her? She had a Portugeuse name and a crooked wig. I can't wait for Champlins and Dunkin Donuts. Hey, Korea has Dunkin Donuts on every corner.

Jan said...

Is that why I didn't take it? I just thought I wanted another study. Reunion May 20-I think I might go.