Thursday, May 29, 2008


I saw an ad for a special on the National Geographic channel that went something like "join us as we follow an indigenous tribe in remote Sarawak, Borneo." Mike and I just took a taxi.
It is remote from Main St. USA and maybe I have gotten too accustomed to these exotic places but you know, if you can get there by taxi does it merit a National Geographic special? I am going to watch these programs with a jaded eye.
Walking along the rain forest canopy on these swinging bridges was fun, they were quite extensive. When we finally came down one of the tribesmen asked us if we had seen the area where a tree had fallen and taken out the bridge.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I Heard the Native Drums in Borneo

....and then Jamie Oliver stepped out of the jungle. No kidding, he was a guest at the hotel I was at.
I paid 50 Ringit ($.20) to use this bathroom so I am going to step on the toilet if I want to. I should have taken a photo of the toilet and the hose running into it.
Don't get me wrong, Borneo isn't all overgrown, monkey infested jungle. I had a spa day at our hotel where I had my own cabana, a volcanic mud wrap, I bathed in coconut milk strewn with orchids and had a facial and massage. Maybe that's what Amelia Earhart has been doing all these years.
It is so humid in Borneo I couldn't take too many photos, my lens kept fogging up. I would have to convert to Islam just so I could keep my hair covered every time I left the house. Do you think that last statement will bring a fatwa down on me?

I'm Sorry Too

I attended a luncheon the other day where a Japanese Admiral was the guest speaker. He was very candid about military matters that I won't go into here since this is a light hearted tale of this hairdresser's adventures. He did talk about the time he spent living in America and the things that confused him. They don't have checking accounts here in Japan so he wondered why people were writing notes to the check out clerks in grocery stores. And then someone asked him to 'car pool'..........
OK, so one potentially incendiary tale;
My Japanese friends came over for lunch the other day and after we sat down they said "Kathleen san our hearts are heavy, we are very sorry about Pearl Harbor" and I said "My heart is heavy too and I am sorry about Hiroshima". Isn't it nice that they brought it up?