Monday, April 30, 2007

Our Tsuri Koen friends

We live next to a fishing park, our building is the narrow, light colored one on the left hand side. A man and his pig live in the park. He takes such exquisite care of that pig, every morning he carefully chops up fruit and vegetables for the pig while the other park residents supervise. The pig is a very popular park personality but even more popular this year because it is the Year of the Pig. I think we should leave Lucky with the guy when we travel because I know he will be well taken care of. We are watched over carefully by the park residents and if they haven't seen one of us for awhile they will ask where we have been when they next see us.
For me, the most interesting person living in the park is Junko, her English is better than almost any Japanese person I have met. She told me she was married to a sailor once. By 3:00 she smells pretty heavily of booze but early in the morning we can have nice talks. She is busy most of the day taking care of her things, washing her clothes and hanging them on trees. She dresses stylishly, she has pink rain boots and when it's cold she wraps herself in a leopard print blanket and lays reading on a bench in the sun. I want to ask her to lunch but Mike has concerns about that.
We got a notice yesterday that the city is going to "reclaim land from the ocean" they are going to fill in 20m x 500m in front of our house.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


The other night we were in a hotel in Seoul watching a movie ("Bobby", it was pretty good) when I heard fireworks, I said to Mike, "come and look at the fireworks" and he said "Where are we?" I thought "Oh boy, it's starting, by July I am going to be feeding him strained peas". He said he sincerely had no idea where we were since he has been to 11 Asian countries since Jaunuary. (Are there 11 Asian countires? Can he name them?)
The most interesting thing about Korea is the DMZ.
Oh, Mike ate ocotpus that was still moving, you need to chew it right away or it uses it's suckers to attach itself to the inside of your mouth.
The photo here is the changing of the guard at the Josean Palace.