Monday, June 21, 2010

Hair With My Fingerprints On It

I am honored when people ask me to do their hair. I have been doing this for 20 years and I still love it. I learn something new every day and I get to touch people, share their lives and make them look their best. Mike said he is resigned to the fact that wherever we go people ask me to do their hair. I hope they never stop asking.

This Man Interviewed Marina Oswald in 1963 (but not today)

At the urging of his wife, whose battle cry has always been "experience before things" , Capt. Mike McCarten was the high bidder in a silent auction to benefit the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society. What caused him to circle that table for an hour? Being a guest at a live broadcast of Face The Nation from the control booth. We are Sunday news morning junkies; it's the only real news these days. Today's show focused on the oil spill. The guests were Sen.Barbara Boxer, Sen. Richard Shelby, Rep Joseph Goa and Sen. Bill Nelson. There was discussion about Rep. Joe Barton's apology to BP for the government shakedown of the company and then his apology for the apology. Bob Schieffer, the moderator, also commented on the head of BP's decision to sail in a yacht race this weekend.
Tim McCarten and Lisa Perez, our nephew and his wife, came with us.
Get out of my way at the Navy Marine Corps Ball next year, I'm bidding for this again and after all, my husband is in Afghanistan (a card I will use).