Thursday, August 21, 2008

4 Acres and Some Turkeys

This is the house Mike owns, he has never seen it so if you talk to him tell him you think it is very nice. These are views of a bedroom, living room, the view from the front door and the dining room. I had the bedroom painted in 'Hyacinth'. When I took my brother's family to see it there was a family of turkeys in the yard


The past month was spent experiencing the glory of Maine in the summer.
Mel Stobbs turned 60 which means that a theme had to be identified by the Kittery Point gang so we could plan costumes . Since Mel likes home improvement projects the theme was 'Home Depot' and all the guests had to dress in orange. Maureen and I went to Home Depot to try to buy a Home Depot apron. We were told that they do not sell them because people would buy them and attempt to impersonate a Home Depot associate. Maureen and I win the incredulous award for keeping straight faces while the store manager told us this. I will leave it to you to guess why impersonating a Home Depot associate is not a good idea.