Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'm Sorry Too

I attended a luncheon the other day where a Japanese Admiral was the guest speaker. He was very candid about military matters that I won't go into here since this is a light hearted tale of this hairdresser's adventures. He did talk about the time he spent living in America and the things that confused him. They don't have checking accounts here in Japan so he wondered why people were writing notes to the check out clerks in grocery stores. And then someone asked him to 'car pool'..........
OK, so one potentially incendiary tale;
My Japanese friends came over for lunch the other day and after we sat down they said "Kathleen san our hearts are heavy, we are very sorry about Pearl Harbor" and I said "My heart is heavy too and I am sorry about Hiroshima". Isn't it nice that they brought it up?

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Charlie Drago said...

A half-Japanese, half-African American friend came by the other day and apologized for Pearl Bailey.