Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ryori (food)

These people can eat! I haven't cracked the code yet on why they all weigh 95 lbs. I have included a picture of my favorite lunch, they are fish or pickled something (like plum) wrapped in rice then wrapped in seaweed and you buy them at your local convienece store, Family Mart, for less than a dollar.
Types of food are symbolic ; for a locale or a season. These are kuro tamago, or black eggs, they cook them for an hour in the volcano, for each egg you eat you are guaranteed 7 more years of life. My Japanese friends sent two to Mike to insure he lives until 69.
Also included is a picture of Maiko-san, one of my co-workers. She is bright, generous and funny.


Calli said...

I'm not sure that I could eat anything that you have described so far. Really. None of it sounds good. They probably only weigh 95lbs. because it's not really food. Have them come to the South and I'm sure that they would gain weight. However, like you, I would experiment with the food...once. I do like your new hair, though.

Mary Ellen said...

OK. I am getting really excited about coming for a visit. I am guaranteed to go home 20 lbs lighter!
Love your new Japanese hair, but can they do the reverse and give me silky curls?

Kathleen said...

Don't count on it, I haven't lost an ounce.