Monday, May 7, 2007

Densha だんしゃ

On most days while I am travelling around by train or subway I am the only caucasian ANYWHERE. Sometimes at rush hour in Tokyo I will see another Westerner on a train or in the station. We say hello.
Trains are a way of life here because even if you have a car and even if you know how to get where you are going, there won't be a place to put that car once you get there. Everyone gets on the train, immediately closes their eyes and falls asleep and miraculously wakes up at their stop. Including Mike, except for the waking up part.

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Mel said...

So glad you explained about the great job you've done with your photography. The pix are wonderful.
Also glad to see the ladies of Japan wearing those sensible hats. I will fit right in!
Love this blog, keep it coming. I pull it up before any email.