Thursday, May 3, 2007

Japanese Food

Despite what you may have read, sumo wrestlers eat only one dish, Chanko-nabe. In fact, when they retire from sumo wrestling they often open Nabe restaurants.
As there is no central heating, Japanese homes have a table (Kotatsu) about the size of a square coffee table with a heater underneath and a quilted blanket over the top. You sit at it with your legs under the table and blanket to keep warm and cook your nabe dinner on the table. Most Japanese people eat Nabe a few times a week, so why are most of them so small and sumo wrestlers so big? Maybe this is a single serving recipe.
If you decide to make this I have extra seaweed, dashi and bonito flakes.

Japanese Sumo Wrestler's Recipe - Chanko Nabe Recipe

Chanko-nabe is famous as a sumo wrestler's dish. A variety of ingredients, such as meat, fish, and vegetables, are cooked at the table in a large pot.


14oz. (400g.) chicken, a cut that has less bones
7oz. (200g.) pork
4 salmon steaks
8 scallops
1/3 head of chinese cabbage or regular cabbage
2 Japanese leeks (white part)
3.5 oz (100g.) bean sprouts*
8 shiitake mushrooms
2 packages enoki-dake mushrooms*
1 bag shirataki noodles*
1 block tofu 2 10cm. sheets of dried konbu*
10~20g. bonito flakes (katsuobushi*)
8~10 cups dashi* broth soup
2 tablespoons (30cc) soy sauce
2 teaspoons (8cc) salt
2 tablespoons (30cc) sake
2 tablespoons (30cc) mirin*
2 eggs
7oz. 200g cooked rice
ponzu sauce as needed
nabe pot (or any pot will do)
small dishes or bowls for dipping sauce.


Charlie Drago said...

"enoki-dake mushrooms"

Or as Mike refers to them:

"enoki-dohkee" mushrooms.

Good to go?


Charlie Drago said...

Okay ...

So how do you propose that we stir the pot and get turn the majority of your readers into contributors?

Calli said...

Reading this recipe makes my stomach hurt. Is this really just one serving?

Charlie Drago said...

For your father, it's an appetizer.