Thursday, May 10, 2007


astrid said...

I was tipped off to the "McCarten's Asian Life" a few days ago by my fellow Bay View alum, and here I am to crash the party.
Last I heard you two were burning the "midnight sun" oil - imagine my surprise to learn about your new domicile! The pictures, information and commentary are interesting, informative and entertaining.
Jan and I (and our dates) are planning to attend the mini Bay View reunion on May 20 (brunch only - no mass - we dare not enter the sacred chapel for fear of a lightening strike, roof collapse, etc.).
If you get back to RI over the summer we would love to get together.
Meanwhile, blog on! I'll check in from time to time.

Con (Mary)

Kathleen said...

CON! I will be in RI for a month in August. will ou be around? Lets all get together.

Calli said...

I personally do not think it's good for a parent to expect that their child pay back for their education. Furthermore, their child's happiness should be it's own reward.
Actaully, if my parents wanted me to pay them back they would be waiting for a long time. Since they are already in their 60s, they'll probably be too old when I can pay them back to even know that I did. I'll wait until their like 80, hand them $5 and say thanks.
(love you mom and dad)