Tuesday, May 1, 2007

When the Going Gets Tough the Tough Go Blonde

Today's post was going to be about work but Nozomi-san and Maiko-san didn't like what they were wearing. Maybe on Thursday they will be camera ready. Japanese women are the most style conscious of any place we have visited. During the kimono era you wore your wealth in your accessories and today almost every Japanese woman has a collection of expensive designer handbags. The women I see on the street look as though they take time and thought in choosing what to wear; they are a modern version of the 1950's, everything matches, it's clear they don't just "throw anything on". They carry designer handkerchiefs , they are the kind of daughters my mother would have wanted but without the Japanese part.
I asked Mike if I had exploited Junko in the blog yesterday and he said, "Just give her some shoes". He did. Mike McCarten said that.


Charlie Drago said...

She looks a lot like Lucky.

Or, as he would be known in Korea, "lunch."


Kathleen said...


Charlie Drago said...


Allegra Marra said...

I love the picture of Lucky! He's so cuteeee.

Charlie Drago said...

And quite delicious with an array of delicate dipping sauces.