Monday, September 17, 2012


My junior high best friend, Annette, had an Aunt Fay who would stay with Annette's family after drying out at Chapin Hospital. It was during one of these shaky, hopeful homecomings that she taught us to knit.  I don't have to explain to you the irony that I became both a knitter and an alcoholic.
Knitting is a soothing, meditative activity that gets me through any difficult situation.  Every time I've moved I find an AA meeting and a knitting group before I unpack and I'm home.

Today, as Mary Ann faces a rugged chemotherapy regime next week , for metastatic pancreatic cancer ,we sat and knit. It's our normal. This weekend Mary Ann taught her son's girlfriend, Ali, how to knit. It's an easy way to pretend that all is right with the world. Ali seems to be our kind of knitter, when breakfast was served she said "I just need to finish this row".

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