Monday, October 15, 2007

You Are Here

When we first moved here we tried to guess what these lines in the street were for. Our best guess was some kind of dividng line for bicycles and pedestrians. Last night on our way to sushi Mike said "What are these lines for again?" I told him that Kathy Krentz told me they are for the blind and then I googled them.

These blocks are called 視覚障害者誘導用ブロック (shikaku shōgaisha yūdōyo block) "guidance blocks for visually impaired". They are ubiquitous. We have seen them imprinted on tee shirts.

We have been watching the playoffs live while we eat breakfast (and lunch yesterday). Tonight we take seppuku lessons, which is a good skill to have if the Red Sox are your team.


Julie Gjesdal said...

What a pleasure to "catch up" by reading your blog! Your pictures are wonderful and really enhance your stories. We are thankful you are both enjoying your expriences in Japan.

Mel said...

OK I give....what is "seppuko"?

Kathleen said...

suicide by falling on your sword (ther isn't really a class that I know of)