Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wouldn't My Mother Be Surprised

I was going to title this post: "My Mother's Worst Nightmare" but Mike suggested I use the above title instead. My mother was a teenager during WWII; she bought all the slogans and sold war bonds,her social life revolved around the USO and newsreels. Her friends and relatives went overseas to fight. After December 7th she was afraid there was a chance a kamakaze pilot would target 110 Huron St. because that's what she was told in the Fireside Chats. She told me often not to trust the Japanese and don't forget that "loose lips sink ships". I love Japan and the Japanese but my mother's 60 year old history comes with me. So on a day like today when the base is open to Japanese residents in the form of a Mikoshi Festival I think about my mother's experience and I am grateful we share our cultures in a peaceful manner.
I took this photo of the Kitty Hawk underway from the deck of the Blue Ridge this morning.

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