Monday, October 8, 2007

We Are Here Because We Love You

I am waiting for the day when I walk into my home and everyone I know is sitting in a circle in my living room holding a script. At the front of the circle will be a person I have never met whose job title is "facilitator". So maybe Japan is a bit far for you all to come to stage a knitting intervention,
Mike leaves a trail of papers wherever he is that I used to think was enormous. HA! I have been sitting in that pile of yarn for two days, watching "The Soprano's" season five. By the time Janice tried to kill Tony at Sunday dinner I had made this baby sweater for people I barely know.


Calli said...

I had forgotten to check your blog, so sorry it's so late. I love that you put up how to make clam cakes right before I start Weightwatchers again. I think for a treat to myself sometime, I will make them and get all my friends to come by and eat them. Glad you're back in Japan safe.

Kathleen said...

Yeah, yeah, Calli but ARE YOU STILL KNITTING???????

Calli said...

Definately. I hooked up with a woman at work that knits and she has given me some really great links and patterns. She is going to help me read the patterns. That's my big problem. Dyslexia smites me again! However, with her help, I can probably have stuff for everyone by Xmas. I have realized that I can't do it after work; I only knit agry then.