Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It's All Gravy*

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I had to go to the mattresses. I need to re-enter Navy and Japanese life slowly so I have given myself one week to get back to normal routines here. Today is my last day and I decided to do whatever I want. That means 18 hours of "Sopranos" videos. I have only seen one or two episodes in the past. I started behaving like Carmella after watching the third episode of season one. Mike came home for lunch, I heated up some pasta for him and am planning a nice tray of baked ziti for dinner. There is not a better way for a homesick Italian woman from Providence to cope with life amongst millions of Japanese people and a few thousand military. I have to go now, the indictments are coming down.

* Gravy: if you are Italian and from Providence that is what you call tomato sauce. "Brown gravy" goes on meat.


Mary Ellen said...

I never got it....red gravy...brown gravy?? Only in Providence.

Charlie Drago said...

For the sake of cultural verisimilitude:

My mother made sauce. From the Italian "sugo."

The cafone at the Alpine Country Club make-a da gravy.

Oooh dee!

White people pour brown gravy over gray pa-day-das.