Saturday, June 30, 2007

Youze are 94% Rho Duylanda

Wikked Smot, did ya graduate from You-Ahh-Eye? Not for nuthin but why dont you treat yourself to a nice suppa on "The Hill"

How much do youse know about Rho Dyelun?
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Jan said...

94% on this one and 100% on the other one--scary,I haven't lived there in 30 yrs. This one was fun!! I'm ready to move back.
I'm going to have Kyle take it, so he's ready for URI this fall!

Kathleen said...

Kyle's going to URI? Our neice Katie goes there. Katie? Wanna meet Kyle?

Jan said...

Kyle is transfering to URI. It took a little while for him to figure out what he wanted to major in and FIU didn't have it--so he'll be closer to home--no more trips to Miami! He is searching for a roommate and a place to live.