Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Aoi to Shiroi (Blue and White)

Shards of blue and white pottery wash up on the beaches in Zushi and Kamakura. This has been attributed to people in China throwing their dishes into the ocean, ancient ships using pottery for ballast and..... fill in the blank with your own ideas. I am enchanted by this magical blue and white treasure that occurs only on these beaches. Lucky and I comb the beach at least once a week and today Katie proved to be a skilled hunter. She also touched the Pacific Ocean for the first time.


Dennis said...


Look at you with your tootsies in the Pacific Ocean!!

We miss you here. Right now its 10:19. Olivia is still squawking in her bed. Late nap you know. Damian is finally asleep. And Beth and I are watching all tis season's Soprano's episodes so we can watch the finale on Sunday. Thank God for "On Demand"!!

Love you.


Joanne said...

Kathy and Katie - what a splendid time you must be having.

Kathy, you had told me about the blue shards on the beach. Seeing the photos is amazing.



Sue said...

Is the water warm? Did you want to swim in it? I like the pottery shards, they could our sea glass a run for the money jewelry wise. We miss you lots and lots but we know you'll come home a seasoned world traveler with many tales for us. Beth says to tell you that Damian is now 8 pounds 8 ounces! She also says that Carol would like a picture of someone named Kobayashi (that's a phonetic spelling) who apparently holds the world record for eating hot dogs -- a food I had not associated with the Japanese. Carol actually would like his autograph should you find him, lol! Life here is not half as exciting as your adventures with Aunt Kathy. Enjoy. We love you. Mom