Wednesday, September 3, 2008

They Won

Our niece,Leah, accompanied me on a trip to Hanoi. We stepped off the plane and into a world that I would describe as 'third'. Water buffalo compete with trucks for space on the highway. Viet Nam is an agricultural society and people are cultivating rice everywhere. Hanoi is a crowded, noisy city. There are few traffic signals and even when they are present they are ignored by the tens of thousands of motor bikes. Crossing the street is an art we mastered. The French occupied Viet Nam for about 100 years and that is evident in the architecture and the food. We bought french bread on the highway.


Geraldine said...

I went to a meeting in Hanoi with Bob. I found VietNam to be the most 'different' of all the Asian countries I have visited. And you're right, there's an art to crossing the street!! And just how many people _can_ be on a motor bike all at the same time?!!

Anonymous said...

Too bad you don't take an occasional sherry before dinner.

Is there a a better city than Hanoi in which to get bombed?


Peevish said...

I hope I get to meet Charlie some day.

Kathleen said...

We can easily arrange that.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kathy,

Do you remember my P.C. cafeteria Asian war routine?

"Now at halftime, the Viet Nam Veterans Marching Band ... they're forming a crutch."

"From our favorite Vietnamese restaurant's menu: DMZiti, Agent Orange Crush, and after dinner Ho Chi Mints."

"What's the favorite Vietnamese religious holiday?

"Napalm Sunday."

"The Caucasian baby could not have been born of Chinese parents. Know why?

"'Cuz two Wongs don't make a White."


PS -- Anyone who would want to meet me is, by definition, suspect.

And I should know.