Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mushi Atsui

......Means hot and humid. For my first ever public musical performance it was hotter and more humid than I have ever experienced. This wasn't MY koto and the sun was beating down on us so I just looked at this block of wood and thought "I have no idea what to do with this". I regained some of my composure and played OK, not perfectly. I also crossed my legs, YIKES!
We had a Fourth of July party and here is a photo of Mike with Nozomi san's daughter Unity who loves ice cream and Lucky.


Jasmin said...

Hi Kathleen;

Shoot me an email at Knitmoregirls@yahoo.com and I'll send you the template for the gift label.

Donna said...

July 21st.2008,
Hi Mike and Kathy,
This is all pretty overwhelming to find you both after all these years! It's been a long time since the "Our Lady's Haven" days, huh Kathy????
....And the lives you are both leading is beyond belief!
When David and I first met Mike, we both thought what a good match you 2 would make....We're glad to know you finally got "hitched" after all these years!
It was so much fun to read your Asian blog, Kathy.... it reads like an E-novel! Glad to know that you are both healthy and enjoying a culture few of us have had the opportunity to enjoy.
So much has happened since those nights years ago when David and I would come from Fairhaven in our cinnamon brown Gremlin" and "hang" with you and your friends in Providence RI.....David said he has never eaten so much food before or since! ...We especially remember the night at Coffey's when your cousin was the honored guest and the carismatic Mayor Cianci presented him with the keys to the city, and Phyllis Diller was there! (Yes, this 59 year old brain certainly has a penchant for remembering "minusha" (hummm, not sure of this spelling...it sort of looks Japanese! What do you think???).
It would be great to catch up via E-mail, so here goes'...dmbpaint@yahoo.com
Take care and the internet truly is a terrific thing (if only I'd learn to use it better!).
Love to you both, Donna (Macomber) Blackburn
PS...Yes, David and I still live on Martha's Vineyard!

Kathy Krentz said...

Write something! I am suffering withdrawal . . .