Friday, March 21, 2008

Freindship Through Flowers

That's the Ikebana International motto. Yesterday I went to an II luncheon in Kamakura, our appetizer was little tiny fish with eyes eaten whole. We saw demonstrations from the various Ikebana schools. The day before yesterday (ototoi) I went to a luncheon where the speaker was the vice mayor of Yokosuka, she is a physician as well and graduated from Toyko University "The Harvard of Japan". What did she speak about??? Bread! I understand her not wanted to get into tricky political waters and it was her first speech in English. Well, it was a very diplomatic decision and she brought bread for us to take home so she was a success.

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Mel said...

You lead such an interesting life! But the part about about the tiny little fish with tiny little eyes made me glad to stay put.You are one brave woman, Kathleen Marra!